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"A Prayer for My House"

"Casting your Hedge Prayer"


The Armour of God EmKids Lesson Packs

Hi Parents, 

We’ve put together some resources to help your kids throughout this challenging time. We believe that this is not the time to neglect spiritual growth and we want our kids to be well equipped to face the challenges thrown at us. We hope that these will keep them entertained and encourage them to build up their faith. There has never been a more crucial time to set a practice of pastoring your families and encouraging them to delight in Gods Word. 

We trust that these resources will assist you in laying the foundation for your family altar time. Each pack contains the following: 

Video Lesson Link to Youtube that kids can enjoy. 

Discussion Questions to talk over with them 

Craft or Game link

Memory Verse 

Enjoy this time with your children. Remember when all this has passed, they may not remember the details of the challenge, but they will remember how we responded to it. Respond with faith. 

Yours In Christ

The Emkids Team

"Armour of God Lesson 1"

"Armour of God Lesson 2

"Armour of God Lesson 3"

"Armour of God Lesson 4"

"Armour of God Lesson 5"

"Armour of God Lesson 6"

"Armour of God Lesson 7"

"Under Your Wings bible lesson"

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